A way to increase the ratio of your conversion rate. By adjusting your products to your customer's needs, you’re creating the conditions that enable you to give your customers a fairer rate, while guaranteeing your business efficiency and risk-reduction.

In our current market, with new needs, new risks, and new business models, there are more and more insurers that are decoupling the pricing function of traditional back-office systems, enabling insurers to have a flexible and up-to-date ecosystem, preparing the companies for the current scenario in the different lines of business – Life, Non-Life and Health.

At msg life we have developed a sophisticated modular solution, Product Machine, which allows insurers to customize and price their products with maximum precision, taking into account the usual wide range of coverage and all available rating factors. This state-of-the-art software makes it easier to carry out a personalized pricing strategy, with products adjusted to your customer’s needs and usage, while guaranteeing your business solvency. By enabling fast product and rating configuration, and easy data reusability it gives insurers the power of segmentation and personalized pricing and fast time to market.

Companies that already use the msg life Product Machine have found that its use significantly increases the ability to respond to market dynamics, allowing insurers to take advantage of business opportunities, to establish a learning model and to follow a continuous improvement approach in the definition of both products and pricing.
In addition, insurers are more prepared to innovate and respond with agility to the new needs that are emerging in the market, such as micro-insurance or complex industrial insurance, among others.

Your benefits using Product Machine

Increased accuracy and consistency by centralizing and storing your product data in a digital warehouse.

A tool ready to easily define all the steps to comply with your insurance product specifications.

Easy integration with the existent ecosystem.

Configure or change your existing product easily and improve your time to marketability.

Are you ready to empower your insurance business?