Innovating by meeting the expectations of the current client. There is a growing concern for a healthy lifestyle. Consumers are looking for more innovative solutions to help them achieve their health prevention and healthy lifestyle goals.

In our dynamic context insurers must anticipate clients’ needs and focus on providing a unique, adjusted and fully differentiated experience. To understand your customers’ needs, you have to know the customers and you have to interact with them where and when they feel most comfortable. And for this, nowadays and in the future, digital is vital for both clients and insurers.

To meet the expectations of the current client, and to have the ability to adjust the offer to each client’s reality, it will be vital for insurers to have technological solutions that allow a hyper-personalized rate according to the clients’ healthy habits.

As customers are more available to share information regarding their healthiest habits (Running Apps, for example), insurers can use this data to help measure different health parameters and work on different health metrics, and predictive analysis, making it possible to draw risk profiles as well as incorporating this data into the product rules, anticipating needs and personalizing customer service.
For current consumers, it is essential to have a unique experience regardless of the channel and access to a wide range of value-added services.

For all this, digital platforms, chatbots, wearables, etc., are vital for insurers that want to offer their clients a more attractive and complete experience. The combination of these tools with a sophisticated system like Product Machine that has the rules of its products is essential to provide the customer both with a unique experience and with the improvement of the operational efficiency of the business.

Your benefits using Product Machine

Increased accuracy and consistency by centralizing and storing your product data in a digital warehouse.

A tool ready to easily define all the steps to comply with your insurance product specifications.

Easy integration with the existent ecosystem.

Configure or change your existing product easily and improve your time to marketability.

Are you ready to respond to your customers’ expectations?