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Clarify the challenges which insurances face

Omnichannel and a twist

by msg life / 12. September 2021

With the lockdown and subsequent restrictions, the sector accelerated the adoption of new technologies. Remote working was established and a firm commitment was made to telemedicine, video expertise, new online communication channels —social networks, WhatsApp… -, new means of payment —Bizum—, and so on.


Personalization is a current trend in our society. To meet the expectations of the current customer, it is essential to have the ability to adjust the offer to the reality of each customer, with the hyper-personalization of the rate according to their profile and habits.


Insurers: Prepare for the new distribution model

by msg life / 30. August 2020

The protagonist of the current world, COVID-19, is also, most inevitably, the protagonist of this new entry in our blog, focused on the impact that this pandemic has and will have on the current distribution model in the insurance sector.

Insurance Trends

What’s next for Insurance?

by Manuel Leiria / 28. May 2020

The current pandemic has brought challenges as deep as unexpected to the insurance industry. From the outset, the drop in production, resulting from the abrupt reduction in the insurable mass, especially in the P&C business. For Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg, never, in the long history of the insurance industry, an isolated phenomenon had such a profound impact in such a short period of time.


One of the most prominent themes in countless media, studies and reports – digital transformation – represents an extraordinary opportunity for the insurance sector. Specifically, advanced data processing through predictive analysis has translated, for life insurers who are investing in this technology, into tangible and measurable returns.