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In order to benefit our customers with the best solutions, greater efficiency and specific business needs, msg life Iberia works together with some of the best consultancy companies, tech companies and specialists in the business. These synergies allow us to combine our own expertise with specialized and strategic partners.

Strategic partnerships


Cibernos is a consulting and IT services company with 100% Spanish capital, with a workforce of close to 1,150 employees and a presence in Spain and Latin America. Due to our capacity, specialization and know-how to integrate methodologies, procedures and tools, we can offer integrated and tailored solutions, adapted to the requirements of each client. Innovation, quality and corporate responsibility are the pillars on which we rely to keep up with what the market demands, due to the competence and experience of our consultants and continuous adaptation to emerging technologies and the changes they generate.

init Group

Init Group was born in 2006 with a clear vocation; the start-up and development of new business initiatives, also creating the conditions and corporate structures to support their future and the generation of wealth in the local environment where they carry out their activity.
Init Group has been accompanying clients for 15 years in the design and development of technological and innovative solutions, in the field of health and digital business, with positive impact and measurable results.


knok delivers a fully integrated telemedicine solution, supporting value-based care models and creating one of the most efficient platforms in the digital health market: Panacea.
Daily, knok’s medical and scientific teams analyse collected data and work on new solutions to improve patients’ quality of life within a sustainable economic model. knok uses advanced technologies, such as AI and machine learning to triage patients, and vital signs reading through the mobile or computer camera, guaranteeing an integrated end-to-end patient experience, where over 30 data points are collected on every video consultation. This allows insurers to get access to valuable clinical data in a structured and actionable while improving the care delivered to their patients.


Logalty has the largest transactional experience in Electronic Procurement, Communication and Digital Identity Solutions with more than 38 million electronic signatures and 25 million certified notifications in 147 countries. For more than 15 years, it has facilitated the remote relationship and development of the multichannel business, with full usability, regulatory compliance and evident effectiveness. It integrates its services in the banking and insurance processes of companies in Spain, Europe and Latin America. It is included in the European TSL with five Trust Services (QWAC, QeRDS, Qtimestamp, Qcert for esignature, Qcert for eSEAL).

Management Solutions

Management Solutions is an international consulting services firm focused on business, finance, risk, organization and process advice, both in its functional components and in the implementation of its related technologies.
With a multidisciplinary team (functional, mathematical, technical, etc.) of more than 2,500 professionals, Management Solutions carries out its activity through 31 offices (15 in Europe, 15 in America and 1 in Asia). It has an insurance team with extensive knowledge of the business in its different areas such as sales, underwriting, customer service, benefits, actuarial, finance, marketing and risk management.

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